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From weddings to business events, we have the venue and resources needed to give you and your guests a day to remember.

How We Began

Julie Slavens Shares The Story 

"Nate (my husband) worked for a gentleman that owned the current property starting when he was 12 years old doing odd jobs, mowing, and caring for his horse that was housed here.  When it came time for the property to be sold, they gave us the first right to it, and we decided to purchase it back in 2007.  Nate tirelessly worked to clean up the property of old tractor parts and metal laying around the woods.  He decided to buy his first skid loader machine to help with the process and told me he would do jobs for others to pay for it.  So began Nate's Excavating & Pools. To it as well as he has changed his name to incorporate that.

While he built his company from ground-up, people would often come to our property to see work he had done so he could sell them on a job he was bidding.  That is where it began.  People started talking about how beautiful the property was, and if they ever got married, they wanted to come out here.  That got Nate's wheels turning, especially since barn weddings were becoming a "thing, " and we had an old one-story barn. That idea was quickly shot down due to sprinkler codes, and we were looking at only being able to have 100 or less in that old barn, so we went to a pavilion off the barn, but still had issues with that idea.  That is when we decided to install an amazing outdoor water feature area that could be rented for weddings, along with a tent that could be used for shelter.

Well...people loved it, but they still wanted a building.  So, after much consideration, we decided to go big or go home.  Nate quit his comfortable job at Nucor Steel, and his crew built this unbelievable venue to not only host weddings, but corporate events, Christmas parties, dances and even celebrations of life! We are constantly improving the property, so keep your eyes open for the ever-changing landscape and the updates throughout the lodge.  We could not have fathomed the support Indiana has shown us when we dreamed up this little idea!"

Meet Our Team!

Nate & Julie Slavens
Executive Directors/Owners

Nate is our jack of all trades here. He is not always seen, but if there is a problem he knows how to get it fixed or who to call. Julie is everyone's first point of contact at the lodge. She is often asked if this is what she always dreamed of doing growing up. She has to say no, but Julie LOVES what she does. Nate had the idea and Julie had the background from prior jobs along with the connections needed to make this dream work.

Julie and Nate get to see couples on their happiest day, and they get to play a small part in making dreams come true―and that is an amazing feeling. They are a small-town operation, so don't be surprised if you stop by unannounced and you see Julie out on the mower or cleaning the grounds. They all pitch in to keep this place looking as good as the day it was open!

Bracy, Hunter, & Molly
Kids Enterprise

As much as Julie and Nate own this place, so do their three children.  Their oldest girl, Bracy is a smiling face and happy to help babysit in the nursery and help on the golf cart if needed.  Their little guy, Hunter, loves to transport guests from the parking lot on the golf cart, check the guy's restroom, and serve as the 'trash guy' who drives a skid loader to the dumpster every night.  Finally, their youngest, Molly, may make an appearance during an event, but she is happier hanging out at home with our bunnies and dogs.

Sandy Hubbard
Office Manager & Cleaning Concierge

Sandy is both the 'Lodge Mom' and Julie's mom! She is Julie's right hand "man," and keeps the lodge spotless! She worked many years as a manager of a local ice cream joint, and when she found out Nate and Julie were building this, she decided to come help them out.

Management flows nicely for her, as she helps keep things straight in the office, helping Julie return calls, emails, and even doing tours. She loves the outdoors, so it is her tranquil spot to be outside pruning bushes, tidying the mulch, and just enjoying the fresh air. This place would not run as smooth as it does if it wasn't for her and certainly wouldn't be as clean! We love her for all she brings to the lodge!


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